The Ultimate Guide to Make Bath Bombs (and 15 Amazing Bath Bombs Recipes)

Using bath bombs during your bath time are both relaxing and exciting. Plus you can also enjoy the health benefits of it. Bath bombs are bath salt that is made to explode in your tub to make bubbles and add texture in the water. We’re going to introduce you the ultimate all inclusive guide to make bath bombs with 15 amazing bath bombs recipes.

Bath bombs can be used for all ages, kids or adults. You can purchase bath bombs anywhere, in your local markets or you may order online but they are a little bit expensive, and you don’t know what ingredients they are using. So, why not make your own? And save some money and choose your preference the way your bath bombs you want it to be. Now, if you want to make your bath bombs, I have prepared this article to teach you the complete step by step instructions that’s easy to follow.

First of All:  Basic Bath Bombs


First and foremost before we start making your bath bombs, it is necessary that you will learn first, the basic information and the standard ingredients. In this way, you will be able to know how they work so that you can make perfect bath bombs.


Standard Ingredients:


Have you ever wondered why bath bomb fizz or explode when dropped in the water? Well, that’s because of the chemicals, it reacts when it touches the water. Here, in this section, we will discuss those ingredients.


Citric Acid – This acid is the main ingredient why your bath bombs fizz. Made of natural ingredients extracted from fruits and vegetables and acts as preservatives as well as antioxidants.


Coloring – This ingredient is not necessary to your bath bombs, but it can make your bath bomb to look beautiful and attractive. There are different kinds of dye you can choose in making bath bombs. Here are some samples I can share to you pearlescent micas, or you can also use cosmetic-grade dye.


Baking Soda – This is also known as Sodium bicarbonate, a naturally occurring salt. What’s good in this ingredient is it has deodorizing and antibacterial properties which are beneficial to you.  When combined with citric acid, it will create gas and forms bubbles.


Essential Oils – This ingredient can also add health benefits in your body. Essential oils also produce aromatherapy in your bath. There is much essential oil you can choose.  Some examples are lavender oil, lemon oil, etc.  Note that different essential oils have different benefits.


Additives – Are other ingredients that you can add in your bath bombs these include herbs, dried flowers and also oatmeal.  Remember if you are using different kinds of additives, each additive have different benefits. For example, if you will use oatmeal the benefit you can get to help exfoliate your skin. Shea butter, coconut oil, and olive oils are other samples of additives that can add moist in your skin.


Epsom Salt – This salt has many benefits in our body. Some benefit is it can relax your sore muscles, curing skin problems. It also contains minerals and elements essential to your body. That is why this ingredient is important to your bath bombs. If you don’t have Epsom salt, you may use table salt, Dead Sea salt and pink sea salt.


Materials in Making Bath Bombs


Here I would like to introduce to you the materials that were will be using in making our bath bombs.


Metal or Glass Bowls for Mixing

You need to keep in mind in making bath bombs there are lots to consider especially in your materials when mixing your ingredients be sure to select metal of glass bowls. Because some material will react to the ingredients, for example, copper will react to Sodium bicarbonate then you might avoid using this.



When making bath bombs you need to mix all the ingredients properly you may use a spatula or a wooden spoon but it’s a little bit harder when using this, especially when adding color you need to blend it properly, so I recommend you use your hand then use a glove to protect them.


Spray Bottle

When making bath bombs, it’s essential if you have a spray bottle on your side because it will allow you to balance the right amount of your wet ingredients, especially you are blending it all together. Because sometimes when you just dump water in your mixing ball, it may turn your mixture too wet or too runny.  That’s why I recommend you to use the spray bottle to avoid this.


Bath Bombs Molds

Bath bomb molds are essential to make bath bombs.  You can order them online. You can also be creative and use empty egg trays, ice cube trays and other things that can also be used as a mold.

For the professional bath bomb molds, our recommendations are Ian’s Choice plastic clamshell bath bomb molds. You can get it on

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Advantage of Making your Bath Bombs


Now a day’s you can purchase different kinds of bath bombs easily, it’s available in your local supermarket, or you can easily order online and deliver it in front of your door steps. But don’t you know bath bombs are exciting to make and making them with the whole family is very fun and a great bonding too. Here are some advantages that will encourage making them.


Can Save Money

Buying bath bombs is a bit pricey. Why buy? If you can make your own and you can use your household ingredients.


You can customize

Making your math bombs can give the freedom to customize you can do whatever you want it to be. You can choose your scent and ingredients.


You know what you get

When making your bath bombs, you know what ingredients you will use. So you know what benefits you can get. Also, you will know it’s safe, and if you have allergies you can quickly eliminate the ingredients that can trigger allergies.

Great Gifts

Sometimes choosing gifts are very hard to do, or sometimes it’s a bit too hassle to go out and buy. So why not make homemade bath bombs they are perfect gifts to give.


It will make your bath more fun and exciting

Bored in your daily bath routine? Well, use bath bomb for more fun and exciting. Just drop the bomb in your tub and watch the water explodes, they are not just fun to look at, but it gives comfort with benefits.

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Important Things to learn before Making Bath Bombs


Now, that you’ve learned the basic needs, ingredients and how bath bomb works. Then you are ready for the next level you will now make your actual bath bombs. But wait there is something I would like to share and discuss with you so that you will become more successful in making your bath bombs.


Kinds of Bath Bombs


In this section, I would like to share and explain with you the different kinds of methods for making bath bombs. And also the various types of bath bombs that you can create.


  1. Basic Bath Bomb – This bath bomb is the simplest recipe that you can ever make, and the nicest thing is that the ingredients are not hard to find, they are all in your kitchen. These ingredients are citric acid, baking soda, cornstarch and some coloring.
  2. Milky Bath Bombs – this bath bomb is obviously made from milk with a combination of butter to keep your skin moisturize and can improve your skin condition.
  3. Softening Bath Bombs – This bath bomb is the same with the basic bath bombs the only difference between the two is the additional ingredients like shea butter, almond oil or coconut oil that will make your skin soft. This bath bomb is for severely dry and flaky skin.
  4. Herbed or flowered bath bombs – This bath bomb is just like your typical bath bombs, but it has herbs and flowers. Note the flowers and herbs should be dry, and if you are using these, your tub will get a little messy because it will not melt in the water. I highly recommend this is best for a foot spa.

Ready to make some awesome cupcake bath bombs with little or no effort?

Tips for perfect bath bombs


Bath bombs are hard to make it requires special technique or skills to make perfect bath bombs. So let me share my tips with you so that you will be able to make a bath bomb like a pro even if you are a first timer.

  1. You should ensure all your ingredients are all combined to make the bubbling even when drops in the water. You can achieve this by filtering the citric acid and baking soda together so that each particle fuses together.
  2. Do you want your bath bomb to be smooth? Well, you should use cornstarch or corn flour 10% of the dry mixture. Cornstarch will manage the fizzing reaction of the ingredients, so if you drop your bath bomb in the water, they will not explode extremely.
  3. If you want your bath bomb to be colorful and scented, use the cosmetic-grade wet ingredients because their safe and will not cause any harmful reaction in your skin.
  4. Food grade sodium bicarbonate is highly recommended to use than the technical grade baking soda because it contains foreign matter that may produce ugly bath bombs.
  5. When using essential oils see to it that the oil you use is pure or blended with oil, in this way the scent will last for a long time and it will leave your skin scented.
  6. Never use water when biding your bath bomb because this can cause a fizzing reaction. You may use vegetable oil like almond oil or grape seed oil.
  7. Put the wet ingredients in a spritz bottle. And remember not to put your wet ingredients directly to your dry mixture because it will not evenly distribute.
  8. The two types of coloring that you can use in your bath bombs are the liquid coloring and the powder coloring. My best option in choosing colors is the powder one because this does not add moisture that may affect the chemical reaction.
  9. See to it that your molds are dry when using them or it might ruin your bath bombs and they start to fizz when wet.
  10. Cover each bath bomb with a tissue paper, so that the tissue will absorb the moisture and keep them dry.
  11. To make your bath bomb dry quickly use Witch Hazel Oil.
  12. Use your hand when mixing your ingredients than wooden spoon so that you can be sure all your ingredients are all mix and be sure that you are wearing your gloves. Witch Hazel Oil.
  13. When making your bath bomb mixture see to it that you measured them correctly they should not be too wet or too dry, the perfect texture of your mixture will not crumble apart, and they stick together.
  14. When it comes to storing your bath bombs, keep them away from the steamy kitchen or in your bathrooms, put them in a dry dark cool place so that they will remain intact.
  15. After making your bath bombs, consume them for a few weeks so that the fizzing and scent will not lose.



In this chapter, I will introduce to you different kinds of bath bomb recipes and the step by step instructions. I made the instructions as easy as I can so that you and your family will enjoy the activity.

Basic Bath Bomb

Relaxing Aromatherapy Bath Bomb

Easter Egg Bath Bomb

Luxurious Bath Bomb

Cupcake Paper Cups Bath Bomb

Messylicious Bath Bomb

Milky White Bath Bomb

Salty Champagne Bath Bomb

Oatmilk Bath Bomb

Extra Quenched Bath Bomb

Smoothie Bath Bomb

Ylang Ylang Butter Bath Bomb

Milky Way Bath Bombs

Salty-oat Bath Bomb

Apricoat Bath Bomb

Making Bath Bombs FAQs

Here are some frequently ask questions that have been encounter by real people who also make bath bombs. So I would like to share this with you so that if you encounter the same problem, you will know what to do.

Why does bath bomb crumble when getting them out of the mold?

Most of the first-timers who made bath bombs usually encounter some problems and one of the most common problems are this. Bath bombs crumble because they are not pressed firmly, and they are too dry. In this case, you press them firmly so that no air space will build. If this doesn’t work, try to spray a bit more of witch hazel in the mixture.

Why do some bath bombs stick to the mold?

When your mixture sticks to your mold, it means that you use too much cornstarch and water. To solve this problem add baking soda and citric acid it must be 2:1 ratio, two parts of baking soda and 1 for citric acid.

Why some of the bath bombs flatten out and soften easily?

It happens when you put an excess of water. To solve this problem put the bath bombs back in a clean bowl and add starch, oatmeal or baking soda, clay into the mixture.

Why are my bath bombs turning into expanding blob?

When your bath bomb is expanding and turns into a blob, the reason why this happened because you added to much water, water can cause the reaction to chemicals, so you better use a little. If you encounter this, just add more baking soda and citric acid. Remember use two parts of baking soda for one part citric acid.

Why some of my bath bombs won’t stick together?

If your bath bombs won’t stick together even you already press it firmly, this is because your mixture doesn’t have enough water. In this case, add witch hazel to your mixture to make it damper.

Why some bath bombs crack?

Bath bombs crack because of too much water in it, if your bath bomb consists of too much water, it releases carbon dioxide that causes cracking.



Using bath bombs during your bath are more fun and very beneficial for your skin. During your first time of making bath bombs seems very hard to make, but once you are familiar, then making bath bombs are very easy as if you are just cooking a very basic recipe, you will just prepare basic ingredients from your kitchen to make a basic bath bomb. When making bath bombs, you can do an experiment. You can choose your ingredients depends on what benefits you wanted your bath bombs to have. So, what are you waiting start making those bath bombs and have fun!