Everything That You Need to Know About Edible Gold Leaf

The food industry has really grown over the last years. Unlike before where one had to travel to different countries in order to taste international foods, now there are different culinary schools training on how to make international foods making it easy to enjoy these cuisines within your hometown. Apart from different food inventions, we cannot forget about the magnificent food arts that are found in different restaurants. One of the food arts that a lot of people find to be astonishing is the edible gold leaf. There is nothing as appetizing as getting served with a plate of food that has shimmering garnishes on top.

What is an edible gold leaf?



This is food garnish that is made of pure gold and sometimes it is made of the gold mixed with other metals like silver. Basically, just like the name suggests, gold leaves are edible and has no harm to human beings. The edible gold leaf is mainly used for garnishing the dessert, adding in cocktails, and sometimes it is used to garnish meat and other meals.



How does the edible gold leaf taste?



A lot of people are driven by curiosity to know how the gold leaf tastes. But, the edible gold leaf has no taste at all. It only adds an elegant look to your food but it does not add any taste.



Why is gold leaf added to the food?



  • It has no taste.



As we saw earlier, the edible gold leaf does not have any taste when added to the food. Therefore, this alone makes it be the most preferred garnish since it makes the food look elegant and at the same time retain its taste.



  • Adds luxury look.



We are at the age whereby all people want to experience a luxurious life and this goes to the kind of food we eat too. Some people want to dine in the finest restaurants in the world and, also get to eat the best foods as well. So, by adding the gold in the food, it gives the customers a sense of luxury and class.



  • They are available in plenty.



Just like in the fashion world, there are different food trends that are invented for people to try out and edible gold leaf happens to be among them. Also, there are other replicas of the original gold leaves which are invented for people who are not able to afford the most expensive ones.



Is edible gold leaf expensive?



The answer to this question is yes. The edible gold does not come cheap and it is usually sold in sheets grams. The prices vary from 30 dollars and above. That’s because genuine gold has a set cost per gram.

Top 24 karat edible gold leaves:


The gold leaves are arranged in sheets and every package contains about 25 leaves. The leaflets measures about 3.15 by 3.15 inches. It is versatile when it comes to decorating the food since you can glide it, and add to your cocktails, elevate your  food or on pastries and other baked foods. The gold has been tested and passed to be safe for human consumption.


If you are looking for a unique way to garnish your food and attract more customers to try out your food, then edible gold leaf is the right choice of a garnish. It is made of pure gold so you are guaranteed to get that shiny and elegant look on your food, plus it is non-toxic. Meaning, it is entirely suitable for consumption.

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