Bath Bomb Molds: How to Choose the Perfect One

Creating your own bath bombs is by far one of the most satisfying (and wallet friendly) crafts around. Who doesn’t love a good bath bomb, right?! They are relatively cheap to make and their uses are endless,from a well-earned bath time treat for yourself, gifts for family and friends or even an enjoyable new business idea; the only limit is your own imagination! With that said, the idea of molding your own bath bombs is sometimes dismissed under the false belief that it can be a complicated process with too many variables…..wrong! Yes finding what works best for you may take a little effort (only a little, I promise) but with the below tricks and tips you’ll be mastering your craft in no time. Want to know how to become a whizz at molding your own (amazing) bath bombs? Then read on! (Hint: It’s all in the bath bomb molds.)

First things first…..

The Recipe

Much like our favorite mealtime dishes, practice makes perfect. However, it is also very possible to stumble across a perfect bath bomb recipe on your first attempt;the key is simplicity! For a basic bath bomb mix, all you will need is:

2 parts sodium bicarbonate (baking soda),

1 part citric acid,

A little water.

This is is the base of even the most extravagant bath bomb mixes. A vital point…and this is important….is to ensure the mixture is the right consistency before adding to your molds. Again, you will become a pro at recognizing the perfect consistency with practice, but the best way to describe it is not too dry but not too damp with just enough moisture to hold its shape when compressed into a ball.

Once you have the basics mastered you can tailor your recipe to suit your taste. There are literally thousands of recipes out there. A quick Google search will offer you a huge array of different mixes but don’t be afraid to experiment! One of the most popular methods is to add essential oils to your recipe for a wonderful aroma, or food/cosmetic coloring for aesthetic value. But don’t forget, if you’re making these as a present or for business purposes, take into account the possible recipients preferences and not your own!

Now for the important bit……

The Bath Bomb Molds

This is vital. The choice of mold can make or break even the best bath bomb recipes and believe me, you dont want all your hard work fall apart just because you didn’t choose the right molds!

Again the simpler the better…..notice a theme? There are many molds out there in all manner of intricate shapes and sizes but the more detailed the shape, the greater likelihood of your carefully crafted bath bombs ended up a crumbly mess. The clear plastic round molds (or clam shell of we’re being specific) are by far the best option. Their simple and sturdy design allow for perfectly constructed and quite frankly pretty fabulous looking bath bombs. We all love pretty, right?

Molds should ideally consist of two parts, top and bottom. This not only allows for easy molding/demolding of your bath bombs but allows for a slight differentiation between the two halves. This gives a more professional appearance to your creations and will leave the recipients amazed at the amount of ‘effort’ you’ve pain stakingly put into their gift/product. Easy peasy!

Bigger is better! Yes, as with a lot in life, bigger is most definitely better. Let’s face it, nobody wants a teeny tiny bath bomb. These golf ball sized ones from Ian’s Choice are a perfect option.

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A wonderfully simple but stylish mold that will suit all levels of crafter, from beginner to expert. These will allow for easy construction with an amazing finish. A wonderful feature of these bath bomb molds is their versatility. For personal use, just pop out of the bath bomb mold when ready and with a little wash, hey presto your ready to start again. For the professionals among us, these are not only molds but can double as packaging for shipping to your customers worldwide. Two functions for the price of one! That’s a bargain in my book…and we all love a bargain.

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No excuses, a perfect time to start your bath bomb project!

Happy crafting!