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Everything That You Need to Know About Edible Gold Leaf

The food industry has really grown over the last years. Unlike before where one had to travel to different countries in order to taste international foods, now there are different culinary schools training on how to make international foods making it easy to enjoy these cuisines within your hometown. Apart from different food inventions, we cannot forget about the magnificent food arts that are found in different restaurants. One of the food arts that a lot of people find to be astonishing is the edible gold leaf. There is nothing as appetizing as getting served with a plate of food that has shimmering garnishes on top. What is an edible gold leaf?     This is food garnish that is...

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Bath Bomb Molds: How to Choose the Perfect One

Creating your own bath bombs is by far one of the most satisfying (and wallet friendly) crafts around. Who doesn’t love a good bath bomb, right?! They are relatively cheap to make and their uses are endless,from a well-earned bath time treat for yourself, gifts for family and friends or even an enjoyable new business idea; the only limit is your own imagination! With that said, the idea of molding your own bath bombs is sometimes dismissed under the false belief that it can be a complicated process with too many variables…..wrong! Yes finding what works best for you may take a little effort (only a little, I promise) but with the below tricks and tips you’ll be mastering your...

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